Best Command Prompt (CMD) Tricks and Hacks – 2021 | You Cannot Miss!

Best Command Prompt (CMD) Tricks and Hacks Command Prompt in Windows is an application that makes you feel like a hacker. There is no doubt that a hacker is an expert in it.
Today we are going to tell you about Command Prompt, as well as tell you Cool CMD Tricks and Hack. So let’s get started-

Best Command Prompt (CMD) Tricks and Hacks in 2020! | You cannot miss

What is Command Prompt?

The full form of CMD is Command Prompt, you can know it the most powerful tool of Windows, it is a Windows application. Command Prompt is a command-line interpreter. This means that you can use it only with the help of the keyboard, and it converts the commands given by you into functions that the operating system can understand.

You can do complex tasks with CMD very easily. This makes work quicker. Apart from this, you can also do things that you cannot do from the graphical user interface. And most important, you can impress anyone with it.


Best Command Prompt Tricks:

Prompt: This command is used to change the default prompt. The default prompt contains the location of your current directory. Any name can be given by the command prompt.

C:>Prompt AdityaSingh:

Start: With the help of this command, you can easily start any program, inside the command prompt.

C:>Start Chrome.exe

Dir: With this command, you can see the files and folders in your directory. The function of this command is the directory listing.


Color: With this command key, you will be able to change the color of cmd. If you want to know more, you will be able to see all the attributes from

C: color / h

Example: C:>Color 0a ( 0 Background, a Text Color)

Echo: The echo command is used to print the message on the screen of the command prompt.

C:>echo Welcome To

Del (Delete): It is known by its name, why this command is used. Yes! Exactly this command is used to delete files.


mkdir: The full form of mkdir is the make directory. You will be able to create a directory with the help of this command.

C:>mkdir alex

rmdir: The full form of rmdir is the removal directory. You can delete any folder with the help of this command.

C: > rmdir alex

Cls: This command is for people who like cleanliness. The CLS command is used to clear the screen.

C: > cls

Ren: This command is used to rename folders and files.

C:>ren Folder Renamed_Folder

Best Command Prompt Hacks

Such things can be done with Command Prompt, which we cannot even think about. If you are a computer geek then you will surely like it.

Shutdown Computer Using Command Prompt

You can shutdown the computer very easily from the command prompt. You can shutdown the computer with the help of the below command.

C:>Shutdown -S -T 20 -C “Hacked!”

If you do not want your computer to be turned off, you can use this command. If you have run the shutdown command, and you want to stop it, you can use the following command.

C:>Shutdown /A

Terminate Program using Command Prompt

Closing a program from Command Prompt takes you to the next level. To close a program from a command prompt, first, you have to find out which program is running on your computer. For this you should use the below command.


Now that you know which program is running on your computer, now let’s know how to close a program with cmd (Command Prompt).
Here I want to terminate the process named WindscribeService.exe, for this you just have to follow this command.

C:>taskkill /im WindscribeService.exe -F

Here  /im – means Image Name, -f means, you want to force close this program or service.

Matrix Effect on Command Prompt:

You may have seen in many hacking films, some random text in green color on the computer, and those who do not know much about the computer feel that something is happening. But actually, nothing is happening. It is just a matrix effect.

Creating Matrix Effect is very easy, for this you will have to follow only a few steps. And all you have to do is copy paste a little bit.

STEP1; First of all, open Notepad.

STEP2; You have to paste the code below.

@echo off
title “Matrix Effect”
color 0a
mode 1000
echo %random%%random%%random%%random%%random%%random%%random%%random%%random%random%%random%%random%%random%%random%%random%%random%%random%%random%%random%%random%%random%%random%%random%%random%%random%%random%%random%
goto Start

STEP3; You have to save it in the .cmd extension. And open it.

Shutdown Computer with a Malicious Message using CMD:

If you use this trick on your friend’s computer, then your friend may get scared badly.

STEP1; First of all, open Notepad.

STEP2; You have to paste the below code.

Shutdown.exe -S -T 20 -C “Comment”

S = to shutdown
T = in how many seconds
C = Comment

STEP3; You have to save it in the .cmd extension.

If you want your friend to open it, then pay special attention to its name. And customize the icon. There will be no doubt about this.

How to Hide Files and Folders Using CMD?

Sometimes you believe or refuse to become such a condition, in which it is necessary to hide your files and folders. There are different types of software to hide files and folders, but you do not need to use a third-party software, you will be able to hide Files and Folders from Command Prompt without this also.

STEP1; First of all, Press the Windows + R key simultaneously, open Run, and open Command Prompt after typing CMD.

STEP2; Now, Type the following command –

attrib + h File / Folder Name

Here, h = to hide Files / Folder.

If you want to unhide the folder, use -h instead of + h.
If you want to get more information about this command (attrib) then attrib /? Type in CMD.
Now, CMD will give you a lot of information about this command.


So using these tricks, you can do work easily, and I covered “Best Command Prompt (CMD) Tricks and Hacks in 2020!”Now stay in touch with your loved ones without any interruption. So, friends, this is the end of the article, If you liked this post, please do not forget to share it.

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