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Hello guys i am again here with interesting tricks for your knowledge. chatting is most common term and is done by every person for different purposes.apart from normal chat 
chat sometimes we also share some details that need not to be disclose at any instance to more persons. chatting usually used third party application such as whats app and Facebook.
chatting on these application leads to storage of whatever you share or received on its server to provide you back up facility. therefore need to have authenticated id by them on providing your details and being verified. 

Anonymous Chat, Chat like a hacker, HACK.CHAT, hackerchat

so if anyone like to hide its identity to chat, it becomes difficult. this is what am going to make it easy for you using this today’s trick of mine. if you are curious and
interested to know about this trick , read the post till the last 

Anonymous Chat, Chat like a hacker, HACK.CHAT, hackerchat
Now you can chat in your own private, disposable room in seconds.
READ MORE : does just that and nothing you say is saved on a server anywhere.
To create a chat room, all you need to do is head to substituting “name-of-your-room” with whatever name you want. Then, just share that link with friends so they can join in from any browser, no download required. There aren’t channel lists anywhere, so it can be used for private discussions, though it’s also not encrypted or anything, so don’t go sharing all the darkest details of your past. Still, as a quick and easy chat room, it works really well.  so feel free to get crazy with nonsense characters, too.

Anonymous Chat, Chat like a hacker, HACK.CHAT, hackerchat

You can send the new URL to anyone you need to talk to privately and be chatting in less than 10 seconds. There are no channel lists kept anywhere, so random people won’t show up in your
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